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Afbeelding Wine Afbeelding Wine Afbeelding Wine

A good wine asks for a dish to match. This was the basic idea, the pillar on which is based an entire process that we refined over the years. The most important elements in this are: acids, sugars, essences, salt and umani.

From the earliest days (in the year 1990) the wines and the specialists selecting them with great care played a prominent part. We had the pleasure of choosing a balanced wine selection in collaboration with many sommeliers, a selection where every guest’s pallet can find its taste.  Our wine list is meticulously constructed around both French and world wines. Also biodynamic wines have become a stalwart value in the assortment.

Our sommelier will gladly assist you if you prefer making your own choice from the wine-card as accompaniment to your dishes.



Afbeelding krul Afbeelding krul